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The most wonderful snorkeling spots for dolphins, turtles and colorful fish. Come and feel the wildness!

Expansive views, towering trees, and dramatic geology are just some of the astounding features of Tenerife’s most beautiful hiking trails.

Are you looking for the thrill of a lifetime? Prepare to conquer clear water that are as exciting as they are challenging.


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Lightpainting at Teide Volcano


Dolphins and Turtles Snorkeling by Kayak

TESTIMONIALS. 4.9 STARS on Google Maps!

Absolutely amazing experience! 10/10! I would recommend the kayaking and snorkelling adventure to everyone that likes water, nature or breath taking views to try it! Dan and Dan were both so lovely, friendly and kind, they made us feel very welcome and relaxed as soon as we met them. The guys looked after all our needs little or small, allowing everyone to take their time and enjoy the experience! We were very lucky to see many dolphins and also when snorkelling saw turtles, many beautiful fish and a stingray! It's definitely worth getting there for 8am I promise! Best experience ever! I just wish I had time to go again😍 Even my boyfriend enjoyed and he is a little hesitant about the ocean, so even if you are a little, I would still recommend! Great value for money, perfect experience and lovely staff! Thank you so much guys you're amazing!

Loishannon Dolan

Thanks to Dani for a beautiful first experience with kayak and snorkeling, and for taking this time to learn me how to swim πŸ˜‰. Never thought, when I went there that is possible because how much I love water that much I was afraid of it. We had a great time with them on the excursion and saw the beautiful turtels. He made us fell very safety and provide us everything that we needed for the trip, photos on the ocean, even fruits and water and he thaught us a lot of things about ocean life and what to do if we are in danger on the water. Full services πŸ˜‰. Awesome guy who love everything about life on the sea. If you didn't do it by now and if you like the ocean you must try it, at least once πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹. But you may become addicted, like us, we spent 3 day with Dani on the water, from our trip of 7 day to Tenerife πŸ˜€πŸ˜…, even if we didn't knew anything about them or kayaking when we got there they were warmly recomended by our friends. Thank's a lot guy, hope to see you soooon πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ€—πŸ˜€


Dan the owner is the absolute best. He took us surfing, kayaking, snorkeling. I saw dolphins and sea turtles in the wild for the first time. He took us to all the cool places in Tenerife, restaurants, surf locations for the best waves and the coolest beaches. I came for a few surf lessons and some kayaking and got one of the best experiences of my life.