Dolphins and Turtles Snorkeling by Kayak



Never stop exploring is the way to live! And we put the candy on the top of the cake: let s have fun in the sun! This kayak adventure is the easy peasy of the experiences where you can bring all your friends or make new ones to share amazing memories! All you need are couple of things: bikini, suncream and sunglases. About experience you can be totaly newbee, we are the experts and we wil teach you from scratch to prorider. First half of hour will be for teaching everibody the basic instructions about how to paddle 2 hours without effort, the rest of the time we are there to give all the tips you want to know about the paddling tecniks. Navigation open sea have his secrets and we are happy to share it! Our adventure is happen under the majestic cliffs of the Guasa volcano emerge from the ocean near of Los Cristanos beach where also can be visit the sea cave of PalMar ! This cave can be explore exclusive by the ocean, no land conection! In the area nearby, on our way back we spot everiday some pods of dolphins living the free life! Optional we can stop for a snorkel moment in the turtles bay where you can swimm along of the group of this majestic sea turtles living there!

Sports equipment,Outdoor gear,Safety equipment,Photography,Other
dry bags for#phone*wallet*car keys or other important things#, kayaks. paddles, lifejakets all sizes, tshirts all sizes, suncream, snorkel masks all sizes. STORAGE ROOM for your belongings


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