Private Surfing Experience


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Hey bro! Or future bro! My surfing experiences are only custom, not group stuff. Just like that you can learn super fast all the secrets of this amazing sport! I do the surfing practice in two places in South Tenerife. One is Medano village where we have soft sand and small wawes , just perfect for beginers or for those who want to make perfect some movements. There we have non stop wind wawes with size from 1-2 meters depending of the beach and tide. That s make posible to catch and stand up one wawe every two minits. Easy peasy! So you wil stand up from the begining of the lesson till the end and will be focus on making better your surfing every minit! The second spot is Las Americas beaches with ten diffrent surf spots with reef. That s the place to experiment the proper green wawes, to understend the channels, ripcurents , powerzone and all the intermediate-advanced surfer secrets. There we got like ten spots with verry diffrent surf conditions: fast wawes,, slowly, lefty, righty, short, long.. Depending of the season and tide we can have wawes from 0.5 m to 8 meters. Depending of your stamina and experience we choose the best spot to enjoy, have fun and learn 100% !


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